Friday, August 27, 2010

Fix it Friday #68 (#2 for me :))

Happy Friday!!!

A lot has happened this week and one thing that I'm excited about it the Jasmine Star Creative Live training I've gotten this week. Although I am not a wedding photographer and Jasmine is a fabulous one, I've learned so much from her and plan to put it into practice. Like blogging. More than just once a week. For anyone who has seen this pathetic attempt at a blog and anyone who might take a look - I am making it my mission to do a great job at telling my photographic journey through my blog - more than once a week! So get ready, cause I'm chatty!!!

Now on to the Fix it Friday pic...

Here is what I did:

In Lightroom I adjusted the exposure and added some recovery

Then I straightened and cropped the picture

and added some pretty blue to the sky with the gradient tool

I then lightened her pretty face with the brush tool and bumped up the colors (mostly the grass and her dress) in the HSL tool

I know there is some additional tweaking in there, but that is the jest of it - I'm no Lightroom teacher, so if you have any q's drop me a line!

The Original:

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