Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tic Toc, tic toc...

I haven't blogged in over a week - yikes! Time slips by too fast these days. In fact that is what I've been thinking about lately. I was complaining to my wonderful husband that I hadn't taken any new shots lately and his response was: "You've been busy baby", and my response was: "That's no excuse!". Both statements are true, do all you ladies out there do it? I mean, I don't even have a little one at home and I struggle with getting everything in that I want to. And besides not taking photos every day like I want to, I think about:

~getting together with friends I haven't caught up with in a while
~learning more about photography every single day
~staying thin and working out (uggghhhh!)
~spending time with my family (both sides of our family)
~giving the pup enough attention
~giving my husband enough attention :)
~cooking for my husband more
~excelling at my new job
~shopping (ok, that's just something I like to do, but never seem to get to)
~telling those close to me how much I love them every time I think of them
~projects that need to get done at the house
~the future
~and on and on the list goes

So, time keeps slipping by at NASCAR pace, but we all need to take time to enjoy the little moments in life. Well, that is my goal each and every day from here on out!
Hopefully, I will be able to remember that when I am racing around Dallas like a mad woman!
Have a fabulous day!

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