Friday, October 1, 2010

Hip Hip Horay - it's Friday!!!

This week has gone by in a flash, but I'm still super happy it's Friday! My sweetie got a new truck this week, so we went for ice cream and a joy ride last night - the sweet pup even got to go - he loves the wind in his face!

My husbands parents are coming in this weekend, so lots of cleaning and straightening to do. But first, I have to finish up the week strong!

OH! And it's fix it Friday - here is my fix for today's shot taken by Kelly Hoskins ( .



Check out I heart Faces for more fixes!

I am going to try and take lots of pix this weekend and will blog all about it next week!

Have a fabulous day!


  1. Clear and crisp edit. Nice and clean!

    Susan/Project Balancing Act
    Visiting from:

  2. oh my ... love that picture of your dog - so happy!!! :)

    and thank you for working on my photo today ... beautiful edit!